Womens Work: “And You Are Still There” How Woman Understand, Support Each Other, and Endure.

There are three of us here
My mother, my monster, and me.
Sometimes I don’t know who it is
I don’t know who is talking
My mother, my monster, or me.
Seymour Carter

We behave ourselves into being. Most behavior comes from not being seen, first by our parents, second by our teachers, third by ourselves, fourth by our partners and our friends. In this way, life is a series of birth canals. The shape of our experiences, and how we interpret them and then integrate them into our deep self, helps form who we are, our being, who we give birth to as adult women, fully formed.

From time to time, women want and need to be in a purely female atmosphere, sometimes alone, sometimes with one another. It’s an essential part of the tapestry of our intertwined feminine cycles.

What do we do in ‘Womens Work’?

We reconnect with the ancient ceremony of being close together, in a safe space, one that allows us to touch, talk, listen, and tell our stories, and in so doing, to heal.

Through movement, touch, silence, bodywork and play we will hold witness to how our bodies remember what they have received, or did not receive, in the lives we have led, until now.

A handful of the topics we will work with are:

Brain, Mind, and Body in the healing of trauma
Hands on work with the more intimate muscles, bones and ligaments of our bodies and attuning with what comes up.
Shadow Work and the hidden power of the dark side of human nature
Embryology and the process of becoming visable
Placenta & the Forgotten Soul Center
Neuroplasticity, we are a dance in real time
Dialoging with our Internal Family Systems

All in a healing environment of sisterhood.

When we notice the cycles of Nature, we can gain guidance to remind us that the most alchemical thing we can do is turn and tend to the healing of our own bodies.

This pandemic has led me to reassess every part of my life and forced me to prioritize my choices like never before.

The Work feels more vital now than ever.

Womens Work is currently becoming NCBTMB Certified for 24 CEU Hours.

Students of Milne Institute will receive a credit on their Dance Card for three student exchanges.

The group is limited to twelve participants.

To connect with me directly and for registration please email me here or call me at 001 541 841 4799.

in love & in sisterhood,
001 541 841 4799