Visionary Craniosacral Work® 4 – Advanced Content Class
Automatic Suspended Shifting Fulcrums

Fourteen days after conception the primitive streak appears. From that moment on, the growth of the human body constellates around this midline structure.

The craniosacral system functions better when its midline source is intact, and balanced. In the Secret of the Golden Flower, the ancient Chinese observe that unless the heavenly heart is exactly in the middle, it cannot move itself. William Sutherland formulated the term ‘automatic suspended shifting fulcrum’ (ASSF).

Sutherland, in his visionary language, once asked,
“Do you see the fulcrum in the fluctuation of the cerebrospinal fluid? “Do you see the point?”

Rollin Becker notes,
‘At the fulcrum point, at the point where this tide changes from one direction to another, this is the point where the breath of life interchanges with the Cerebrospinal Fluid. A fulcrum is a still point, a source of power. Fulcrums aren’t levers; fulcrums are still points. Out of the fulcrum flow the levers. The tissues you have gotten ahold of are the levers that are going to be doing the moving around for you, automatically. They are taking advantage of your reference point. You sense through the fulcrum.
A fulcrum is a source of power.’

• The ASSF of the chakra system is the interventricular septum of the heart.
• The ASSF for the bony cranium is the sphenobasilar joint (SBJ).
• The ASSF for the RTM is the straight sinus (‘Sutherland’s Fulcrum’).
• The ASSF of the CSF is anterior wall (Lamina Terminalis) of Third Ventricle.
• The ASSF of the brain is the inter-thalamic adhesion.
• The ASSF of the arms is at Cervical 7 vertebra.
• The ASSF of the legs is at Lumbar 5 vertebra.