Visionary Craniosacral Work® Courses in Tuscany

Visionary Craniosacral Work® Tuscany, Italy

Classes held on a residential basis at a private Bio Agriturismo villa in Tuscany, Italy.

We are a minimum two year program.

Class size is exclusive to 18 students, therefor we give priority to students registering for multiple classes.

Class Prerequisites:

C5 and/or C6 Classes – Requirement: Minimum of 30 Client Record Supervisions (three supervisions) and a Successful completion of VCSW® C1 – C4.

C7 Class – Requirement: Please include a mandatory copy of your Dance Card. Students must be active on the Certification Track, having met the requirements with their respective Supervisor(s).

We remain deeply committed to its continued success, as well as the success of everyone who enrolls in our classes. Accordingly, your deposit is due at the time of your class registration in order to secure your spot, and is non-refundable/non-transferable for any reason, including a medical and/or family emergency.

Please contact Rebecca Mae Bacon at for all the fine details and to register.

The cost for each four day class includes five nights shared accommodation, three organic meals each day, mineral water, and wine with dinner.

Each Advanced Content Class/Vertiefungstag includes dinner and lodging the evening before and breakfast and lunch with class.

The cost for the final exam sequence includes a two day class sequence of the C7 Advance Content Class & Exam Prep and Exam itself, two nights shared accommodation beginning with dinner the evening before and ending with lunch on the day of the exam.

Part of the exam sequences is giving an intuitive and technical exam session to a Milne Institute teacher, the cost of this is an additional €160 for each of the two sessions, and this is paid directly to the teacher. You must make the appointment directly with the 2 teachers you give a test session to.

TIMING: Check in is between 4:00pm and 6:00pm (16:00 and 18:00) on the afternoon before class starts. We heartily encourage you to make your final travel arrangements so that you can arrive comfortably by 6pm (18:00) the day before class begins. The evening meal is served at approximately 7:30pm (19:30). For the comfort of everyone, there are no late check in’s.