The Brain ~ Healing Trauma

This 4-day class will explore, using anatomical study, touching, talking, and moving, the role the brain plays in health, and how craniosacral work can help optimize brain function. The brain weighs only 1.4kg (3lbs) but is the seat of intelligence, the interpreter of our senses, the initiator of body movement, and a controller of our behavior. Embraced in its bony shell, washed by its protective and nurturing fluid, the brain is source to many of the qualities that make us human. The brain moves with every breath, every heartbeat, and every cranial wave. One focus of craniosacral work, after stress or trauma, is to optimize these movements, by getting a ‘feel’ of the brain’s motility. We will explore how to ‘go through the bones’ to reach the brain, the better to bring the brain back to equanimity. And part of the class will focus on Traumatic Brain Injury, and the impact that trauma can have on how we walk though our lives. The gentle interventions of Visionary Craniosacral Work® can help bring this complex part of our human experience back into balance.

Prerequisite: A successful completion of the Milne Institute’s VCSW® classes C1 and C2