The Brain

Brain imageThis 4 day brain class will look at the dynamics and role the brain plays in our health. Our brain is our CPU and if it ain’t happy nothing else can be happy. We’ll look at the didactic info about the brain including the work of Paul McClean’s triune brain concepts, trauma and its effect on the brain by Van Der Kolk, MD. We will also spend time working with the “feel” of the brains motility within the cranial cavity and very gentle interventions into helping this very complicated part of us. Much of the class will be devoted to time learning about the cranial nerves, location, function, and role they play in various problems our clients present with. We will look at the treatment procedures developed by John Pierre Barral, DO for corrections of problems.

Pre-req. for this class is successful completion of VCSW C-1 & 2

Cost: $600.00