“I’m very glad I came across Hugh Milne’s Visionary Craniosacralwork in my life. In the training you learn subtle craniosacral techniques and at the same time you can experience deep healing yourself. You also learn a lot about healing in a comprehensive way. The high quality of touch of VCSW makes this method very deep going.Barbara Werner

“My dearest thanks for not only your amazing teaching, which is well worth the trip from Australia, but also for your supporting hands. Thank you for assisting me and my mandible, we are uniting in a new way, which is bringing profound shifts and a deeper awareness than i have ever experienced. For your time, space, patience and energy i am truely grateful. My life is enriched by your class. Thank you.”Love and blessings, Anna

“Prior to beginning the Milne Institute program, I had trained as an energy healer for 5 years.  I was looking for a way to ground the work I did with clients, and have a clearer understanding of how I was impacting them.  I had been exposed to Craniosacral Bodywork, and it stood out to me as a technique that was primarily energy work, but was physiologically based.  The awareness of the cranial wave allows the work to be more grounded.  When I decided I wanted more training, I took introductory courses in a few systems of Craniosacral Therapy.  Then I heard about The Milne Institute Program.  This program sounded like the right balance of intuitive and technical skills. 
In bodywork, it is common to find teachers who are either highly proficient in technical training, but find conveying the essence of, “what they really do” very difficult, or, exceptional intuitive healers who lack the ability to convey the technical aspects of their work.  I am happy to say that the Milne Institute program offers a level of refinement in cultivating both the technical and intuitive skills of a healer.  This is an inspiring balance.  In this program, Hugh weaves together spirituality, psycho-emotional understanding, intellectual knowledge, technical mastery, and creative self-expression.  Together this forms a delicious and inspiring soup to nourish the healers’ soul!  Hugh and his teachers require the students to develop a range of skills, while nurturing the creative potential in their program participants.  This program is nothing short of life changing.”Cator Shachoy

“The Milne Institute training has helped me to listen, both to myself and the person I am treating. I feel that I am becoming a better practitioner due to the practice of stilling my mind and opening my eyes, ears and heart. I have learnt valuable new technical skills, but I realise that the real skill is in the ability to choose the right techniques at the right time. Each person has different needs.”Dave Locke

“What I value most in the training at the Milne Institue is the high quality of the instruction. The Milne Institute is large enough to offer a variety of teachers, with different skills and approaches, but it is not a big and bureaucratic place, and feels more like a community than an institution. The standards here are high. What is asked of you as a student is to learn more than technical skill, as important as that is, and reach the level where your work with your own process allows you to be transparent enough that you are able to see your client with something approaching true clarity. As Hugh says, much more succinctly, ‘in order to go deep, you must be deep.”Doug Smith

“The value of this training lies not only in the effectiveness of the many techniques it shares, but also in its ability to help us hone our perceptions and become more present with ourselves and our clients. VCSW invites us to live life with greater awareness, depth, and joy and to share the resulting benefits with others.”Joyce Thom

“What I love most about Hugh’s classes is the dance. My heart comes forward to be seen & I feel again like a child, my whole heart available to love. It is as if the heart finally has the chance to communicate through the body a gladness & joy that I often bury. My eyes then become the heart’s eyes. My hands become the heart’s hands & I know what is possible in each of us when we are held & invited to move freely.”Katie Lewis
“Chosing the Visionary Craniosacral Training was one of the best decisions I made in the last few years. It has helped me to trust in my own path through life, my own way, my work, and to find clarity, self acceptance and love. I have met precious people, dear friends, to learn with and to continue knowing more about life and healing.

Learning how to take honest decisions, accepting the flow of inner processes, being in touch with deep structures of life, finding awareness through clear techniques taught in an atmosphere of skilfulness, respect, deep knowledge, and love, where people feel really met and seen, that’s precious! I am happy with this form of craniosacral work.”Marianne Vera Egli-Staub

“Through the Milne Institute, I have gained a skill set that includes technique, perspectives, and intuitive poetics— which are simple enough I use them everyday and so profound that I will be perfecting them over my lifetime. This training was my Master’s degree. In the marketplace I find my use of the Milne training makes me unique and distinguishable from all the others in this great line of work.”Martin Matzinge

“It is easy to speak of Hugh Milne’s ability as an unparalleled teacher of Visionary Craniosacral Work. It is easy to admire teaching which flows from visual, to hands on, and back with such ease that the days of learning pass effortlessly.
What is not so easy, is to describe the journey Hugh helps each student take to a place deep within himself or herself, to a place where touch becomes the art of non-doing, and where Visionary Craniosacral work becomes meditation.”Mary Zinman

“Through this training I found back the way to my heart, this, for me, is the most important. During the training I estimatet the sensitive way, how every student has been treated. With the open heart it is possible to find also the Soulfamily, and I found them in the training, they are living in the whole world, but they are so important for me. Most of them I met in this training. Because I take regulary Craniosessions my body feels much better and I listen more to it.”Nina-Corina Premezzi

“I first met Hugh Milne about 15 years ago at a Cranial 2 class in a remote vally in Norway. By that time I had already met several teachers of craniosacral work in Sweden, Denmark and the US.

I was very impressed even at that time how Hugh could incorporate the spiritual dimensions into craniosacral treatment. I had been very much connected with the Upledger Institute in Florida, both as a visiting therapist and a teacher of Subtle Energy classes.

In 2006 I took Hugh’s in Hamburg, Germany and I realised that after being a practitioner of craniosacral therapy for nearly 20 years, my treatment had grown into a special pattern, and I wanted and needed to change some of my routines. In Hamburg I fully experienced how it is possible to add another dimension to the treatment than other teachers have managed to convey.

We all need to free ourselves from a possible stagnand teatment rouine, and try to listen to the clients needs and freequencies. This was the most important issue for me to learn in Hamburg. I still play Hughs DVD and every time I get inspired to strech my treatment just a little further. Never too late to learn and change.”
Paal Rieber, Norway

“I asked for a teacher to help me learn and understand how to work with people in a safe and gentle way that would bring healing. I wanted more than just “how to’s” and exams to prove my competence. What I got was far more than I could have anticipated. The discipline was exactly what I needed to understand that balance between heaven and earth. The information was delicious! The client record exercise forced me to pay attention. I needed that kind of structure…with feedback and validation. What you gave me has prepared me to step into that space of confidence and courage. I am grateful for the experience of being an apprentice.

Thirsty souls are searching for teachers to show them how to tap into their own wisdom and power. That is Hugh’s gift.

VCSW helped me remember who I am. In this wonderful soul’s journey, I am touched by the Breath of Life. What I value most about the training is the discipline of presence while fostering my intuition. By understanding the anatomy of the human craniosacral system, I could fine tune my focus on the spirit of that particular structure and the Oneness of everything in it. This program has the impeccable nature of comprehensive learning on many levels – physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional. Hugh Milne will teach you to help your clients feel deeply touched and deeply seen. “Pat Crowe

“I recommend training in VCSW to practitioners of all backgrounds. It is a beautiful training or rather an art form in deeply listening to the body, mind and spirit of an individual. As a Physical Therapist and Structural Integration practitioner, I’ve acquired a toolbox with many useful techniques. Since beginning VCSW I find myself using fewer techniques and focusing on deeper levels of presence and stillness as I work. VCSW has impressed upon me how healing it can be for people when we quietly listen and work from a place of stillness – truly amazing things happen.”Russell Ditchfield

“Aside from in-depth anatomy and technique, the Milne Institute reminds me of how we are truly spiritual beings having a human experience, something we so often forget in our day to day lives. For me, at the core of the Milne Institute is the deep longing and yearning to open our hearts. The work to open our hearts and let our spirits shine is, I feel, the reason I am here. I love the deeply caring and individual attention the teachers and assistants provide; they create such a safe haven to explore deep unwinding.”Shayna Reid

“From the first time that I read in Hugh’s book, The Heart of Listening “…. let calmness settle over you ….” my life took a major spiritual turn. Later, while sitting with my eyes closed just before the first class, Cranial 1, I heard a soft but confident voice with a faint Scottish lilt break the silence: “…and how is your heart today?” I didn’t know then, but I was about to learn.

Visionary Craniosacral training has given me a ‘spiritual heart transplant’, and the anatomical knowledge to let that heart see what troubles people, and be of service when needed. I have learned to live from the heart instead of from the mind, and to approach people with reverence. I am confident as I work with my clients that they will feel as if they have been seen, which opens a clear path to trust and healing.”
Bill Leyden