Student Supervision

The Milne Institute Certificate Track

The student supervision process offered by the Milne Institute is unique. It provides students with the guidance of a learned mentor as the student progresses through the seven class levels in the MI 720-hour program. Students who enter this program apply to the mentor who feels right for them. The mentor may accept or decline the invitation from the student, based on their workload. At the culmination of the Client Record mentoring process, Hugh Milne takes over the student’s supervision.

After a student has a mentor they discuss with their mentor the best format for communication between them – telephone, FaceTime, Skype or personal meeting. With each set of CRs your mentor is looking for a deepening of the student’s skill level in technical, sensory and visionary ways. The student must never submit more than 10 (ten) CRs to their Supervisor at any one time. With each new set of CRs you submit to your mentor, he or she will shepherd the student’s skill development as best they can through each successive class.


How it Works

  1. You (student) want to apply for the certification/diploma track for the Milne Institute.
  2. You download the application form from the Milne Institute web site, fill it out and send it to MI.
  3. Look for a supervisor under the list of supervisors on this website that feels right for your learning. Many like to have a supervisor near their part of the world/country, but this is not essential.
  4. Ask the supervisor if they are open to new work.
  5. After each of the seven classes, students submit to their supervisor 10 completed CRs and a sheet of 10 “sign off” sessions completed. (Note: You submit not more than 10 client records per class, not 20-30-40 !)
  6. This is a pay as you go system. Each time you submit 10 CRs you pay $100 to your mentor, by check or PayPal.