Rebecca Mae Bacon

Rebecca Mae Bacon is an artist, lover of nature, spiritual mentor and passionate teacher of the healing arts, who grew up in the mountains of Nevada.

When she was eighteen years old, a series of events brought her to the East Coast where she found herself on an unexpected journey that led to her being apprenticed to some of the most famous and most creative men and women in the design world. It was a rigorous training immersion into how to see people clearly, showing up, and working skillfully with your hands and words. Also, listening.

For several years after completing her apprenticeship, Rebecca traveled the world as a platform artist, working in international shows with many of the most celebrated minds in fashion.

After twenty-five years of this, having created her own business and line of products, Rebecca’s soul began to whisper to her, calling her back to the natural world, and to authenticity. With that came a deep desire to dive deeper into healing, for her own Self, and for others.

This third stage of her life began with training in Santa Monica at The Tae Healing Arts School of California, where Rebecca became fascinated with the profound study of functional anatomy, chinese medicine, and transformational bodywork presented by Dr. Vincent Medici, DC ND. She also studied Psychology at Santa Monica College, which led her to Milne Institute, where she graduated in 2012.

An instinctive attraction to wild places led Rebecca to dive into animal medicine, plant medicine, embryology, the wisdom of the stone elders, the whisper of the tree ancients that carry the message from all distances and all directions.

Since that time she joined the MII teaching team, first as an Assistant Teacher and later as a tutor and Review Day/Advanced Content Class instructor. She now travels side by side with Hugh Milne, teaching her course Womens Work and helping to teach and facilitate the smooth flow of the VCSW® classes on three continents.