Rebecca Mae Bacon

I grew up in the mountains of Nevada. As a pre-teen, I would hurdle sagebrush with Boomer, my dog and best friend in the world. It is the first time I clearly remember feeling at home in my body, and at home with everything that is. I felt expansive and most at peace when I was with animals, in wild places.

When I was 18, a series of events brought me to the East Coast of the USA, where I found myself immersed in the fashion world, learning from some of the world’s most famous and creative designers. It was an intense training, an immersion in the ability to see people clearly, and work skillfully with them with my hands and my words. Listening, too.
After this apprenticeship, I traveled all over the globe, working international shows with many of the most celebrated heads in the fashion world. 25 years later, after starting my own business and creating my own line of beauty products. I was completely burnt out, and I didn’t realize I had been, for most of my life. I was addicted to everything the Western material world praises and celebrates.  My soul called me back to the world of nature.  With that came a yearning to go deeper into healing, for myself and others.
I stopped traveling and presenting shows. I began training in Santa Monica, at The Tao Healing Arts, where I became captivated by the study of functional anatomy, and transformative bodywork, under the tutelage of Vincent Medici, DC ND. I studied psychology at Santa Monica College. What I learned, and what opened up in me, eventually brought me to my first class with Milne Institute.
In the 13 years since graduating from the Visionary Craniosacral Work® Training, I have participated in more than one hundred and fifty, four-day VCSW® Classes as Assistant Teacher to Hugh Milne, and later as Teacher in my own right.
Following numerous requests from female students to make the work available just to them, a stream of creativity opened up inside me, and I formulated a class called ‘Womens Work.’ I began teaching it in 2019. The first class was in Hamburg, Germany. Womens Work has brought me great joy, and a sense of coming home to what I was born to do.
When we notice and can move in harmony with the cycles of Nature, we gain guidance into our inner journey, our own potential, and what we may need to do to heal our bodies. 
I now travel side by side with Hugh Milne, teaching and facilitating VCSW® seminars on two continents. I am available for one-on-one VCSW® sessions, and I am a Milne Institute Supervisor, available to mentor you through the MI Certification Track.
Please email me with your questions or your thoughts, at