Working with M.E.T. (Muscle Energy Technique)

w/ Steve Schumacher
Louisville, Kentucky
March 27-30, 2019

Offering students of the Milne Institute a 4 day look and teaching of a gentle osteopathic approach to reducing musculoskeletal stress within the human body.

This class is for students who want a gentle but effective means of correcting skeletal imbalances we find in our clients.
M.E.T. was developed by Fred Mitchell, DO for the osteopathic profession to have a corrective process of treating their patients without the use of excessive force in reducing musculoskeletal imbalances.

In its basic principle, it is very simple, move a joint out of the lesion pattern and have your patient/client gently push back into it isometrically, readjust the position and repeat two more times. Finding the exact area/tissue to work with and executing the technique is the art of the work.

In this class, we will look deeper into;
➢ Anatomy of the spine, extremities, ribcage, sacrum and pelvis.
➢ Laws of spinal biomechanics
➢ How to apply M.E.T. properly
➢ Use our skills in VCSW to locate the area of structural stress and re-access once the area has been treated

Class time will be a combination of;
1) Lecture presentation with PowerPoint
2) Hands on demonstration
3) Practice each day of techniques presented

Eastern Medicine teaches that our bones/skeleton are under control of your water element or kidneys. The kidneys are the keepers of your ancestral or vital catalyst energy that sparks our system. Our bones then become much more than just a frame for attachment of our muscles and ligaments but the receptacle of this vital life force that sparks our “breath of life”.

I have found in my practice now of 36 years that M.E.T. has proven invaluable in easing the suffering of clients I treat with a wide range of strains and injuries to their backs, ribs, extremities, cervical area, & shoulders.

Pre-requisites: Completion of VCSW C-1 & 2