Joëlle Voruz

Joëlle graduated from the Swiss School of Osteopathy in 2005. She has worked in her own osteopathic practice full-time ever since, developing over the years a growing interest and passion for gynecology and pregnancy. However, she felt that she lacked a certain depth in her practice, and joined the Milne Institute Visionary Craniosacral Work® training in 2012, graduating in 2015.

This significant journey made Joëlle aware of the beauty of VCSW®, which she immediately integrated into her daily practice, and discovered  new depths in her treatments. Depth and gentleness emerged particularly with her clients who are mothers and babies, and women coming to seek help in the subtle gynecological sphere.

In 2023 Joëlle graduated from the Molinari Institute for Health in London, from the complete ‘Women’s Health Course,’ an extensive training in gynecological osteopathy.

Beside her own practice in Bionay, near Montreux in Switzerland, she also works in a midwifery center, with gynecologists, and in birth centers, in order to offer her work in multidisciplinary settings.

She teaches the ‘Gynecology and Pregnancy’ trainings at the Milne Institute. Joëlle loves sharing her passion with others.