Fulcrums – Emotional

Fulcrums Class Overview

fulcrum_image1William Sutherland once wrote, “do you see the point, do you see it?”. He was referring to the fulcrums in the body. This was an intense area of interest and therapeutic work for him. He found healthy fulcrums in the body we are born with that are now referred to as “automatic shifting fulcrums” and fulcrums that maintain lesion patterns or archaic wounds now referred to as “inertial fulcrums”. Automatic shifting fulcrums allow us to have freedom of movement and relief of pain with this movement. Inertial fulcrums drain our life force to maintain themselves. Another quote from Dr. Sutherland is “when all the fulcrums are aligned their will be peace and harmony”. We will look at these physical fulcrums in this 3 day class offered by the Milne Institute and how to “feel” the difference between a healthy fulcrum and one maintaining a lesion pattern. We will look at therapeutic interventions into the unhealthy ones to harness the help of our bodies natural re-balancing capabilities.

In the next 3 day class (pre-requisite is the 1st class) we will look at emotional fulcrums and the role they play in our health physically and emotionally. This class will look at 4 core emotions and the dynamic interplay they have in our lives. Just as the freedom of physical movement (one of the 3 basic goals in VCSW, “a free body” is when all the fulcrums are aligned, the freedom in our emotional lives flows from a continual movement within our emotions where none dominate the other. This class will be experiential for students looking at their own interplay of emotions and how this may play a role in their interactions with clients they are treating.

Pre-req. for these classes is successful completion of VCSW C-1 & 2

Each 3 day class cost: $450.00