Craniosacral Anatomy

I invite you on a journey of loving exploration into the miracle of the body, and its delicate craniosacral system.

‘You do not really see a thing, until you love it,’ noted Oscar Wilde.
Visionary Craniosacral Work® is about seeing, and it is about loving, as much as anything I know.

In this class we will use a variety of modalities to address different learning styles. Each day will begin with movement, and then segue into sitting meditation. We will use different forms of relating, talking and movement to help get you comfortable with each other, and with how movement and stillness are harnessed in craniosacral work.

You will gain an overview of the major bones and muscles of the craniosacral system. The origins and classifications of the major cranial bones, their sutures, and joints will be taught. I will take you on a guided tour of the reciprocal tension membrane. We will also touch upon the formation and circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid, and the role of the central nervous system, embryology, gestation, and the four birth matrixes in craniosacral work.

Your teaching team will do its best to give you a sense of the ‘big picture’ of where and how the craniosacral system, with its seven component parts, fits in with healing. To this end, we will use PowerPoint shows, demonstrations with real human cranial bone models, and discussions in both large and small groups. After PowerPoint study we will sometimes move to art ‘play’ with practical exercises designed to get the anatomical learning into your hands, and into your heart. And sometimes we will move into stillness, breath, or contact improvisation, depending on what the class is ready for.

For the student who feels challenged by the intricacies of anatomy, completing this class will allow you to feel more at home with the anatomical basis of the work, and therefore to devote more attention to learning the techniques that are offered in the four day VCSW® classes.

This class is good for a 24 CEUs credit with the NCBTMB.