Cranial 6 (C6), Asymmetric Techniques, Sutures and Sinuses

In this four-day class, precise analytical deduction and insight are interwoven with shamanistic diagnosis to produce a meaningful system of healing. To refine students’ understanding of such a system and its boundaries, the dangers of dogma and psychological set, the healers contract and homeostatic threat are discussed. One day is spent studying the application of soul-center diagnosis in cranial work. One day is devoted to a technique protocol for the air sinuses, and another day to studying a suture protocol. Three-dimensional, asymmetrical techniques are introduced with each protocol. Emphasis is placed on pre-visualization of target structures and their attendant cranial mechanisms. Visual and tactile diagnostic practices are also combined in a healing sequence which uses eight different types of touch.

The art of perceiving and tracking changes in consciousness forms the basis for all the interactive work in this class. When you refine the skill of tracking consciousness as you change the quality and location of your touch, it is amazing how much how little will do.