Cranial 5 (C5), Sphenoid and Facial Bones

This four-day class focuses on cranial work with the face, mouth and sphenoid. Students are guided through an exploration of the relationship between cranial architecture, TMJ dysfunction, and stress. Students continue to work on non-verbal perception and diagnosis to complement the analytical study. The challenge is to perceive how the brain and spirit communicate in an intelligent, somatically articulate way, and to respond appropriately: minimum force, maximum effectiveness, insight. The greatest of healing comes from the combination of two things: focus and gentleness.

The class ends with a 90-minute protocol combining cranial work in the mouth with the technical analysis of sphenoid fault patterns. The student’s challenge is to appreciate that the simplest of tasks are sometimes the hardest–we need to learn to put our hands on their head with reverence and with stillness. Then we need to learn to wait, unconditionally. We wait until the head tells us what to do.