Cranial 3 (3), Practitioners Skills: Sculpting the Conscious Medium

The “Practitioners Skills” are a combination of visionary, poetic, tactile and ceremonial ingredients that make up Visionary Craniosacral Work. Cranial 3 begins by interlacing meridian work and cranial work with a “Windows to the Sky” protocol.

Windows To The Sky (WTTS) points are a series of acupressure or acupuncture points located on the upper arms, shoulders, chest, neck and cranial base that have been used since antiquity to help facilitate insight, flight to other realms, and the transition from sunlight to oceanic consciousness. They may also be used to help ease pain and discomfort. The use of WTTS points helps to refine touch, understand the energy body, and deepen intention.

Governor and Earth (GE) is a name for a short sequence of techniques that involve deeper pressures to help open ‘bottlenecks’ in the body, places where the craniosacral wave is not flowing freely. GE techniques are introduced in this class to help the student practitioner respond to characterological armoring, restricted-movement body defenses, and to help the return of chi and shen to the dreambody. This includes working with hara, ming men, inferior gluteal fold, vertebra, and the posterior suboccipital muscles. At this level GE work interfaces in an elegant way with the WTTS work that begins this class.