Cranialsacral 2 (C2), Coupled Holds, Sacral Work and Unwinding

Cranial 2 (C2), Coupled Holds, Sacral Work and Unwinding

This four-day class is designed to broaden the scope of and deepen capabilities in Visionary Craniosacral Work, building upon the foundation of the introductory class. Cranial 2 is structured to show new ways to harness perception and insight to tactile and communicative skills, and to show new ways to interact with the conscious medium that is the body.

The class begins by devoting a 2 days to studying supine approaches to the sacral and coxal bones. The third day is focused on the lateral bony structures of the cranium and introduces coupled and spanning contacts to both the head and the face. The last day are dedicated to understanding the concept, sensitivity to and practice of unwinding.

*you receive 32 CEs from NCBTMB for this class*