Cranial 1 (C1), The Foundation Cranial Class

This four-day class is designed to introduce analytical and intuitive visionary understanding of craniosacral work, perhaps more appropriately described as Sacred Cranial, since it approaches the head with such reverence. It is the High Art of healing touch. This exquisitely sensitive, subtle and careful work can be highly effective when properly applied; the gentlest of approaches is often more powerful than the most robust. As e.e. cummings said, “nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.”

The class emphasizes perceptual clarity, inner calm and right action, which form the context for our study of cranial anatomy and technique. Each half-day of the class is devoted to the study of a specific cranial bone, using natural disarticulated specimens, slides and hands-on work with a partner to deepen understanding. All practical work is under the constant supervision of the teacher and his or her assistants. The techniques presented for each bone are brought together in a basic technique protocol that health care practitioners may use as a basis with which to introduce cranial work to their own practices.

*this class gives you 32 CEs from the NCTMB*