Certificate Track Program

The Milne Institute is a minimum two year program. Milne Institute offers two different tracks in its Visionary Craniosacral Work® training. The experiential track consists of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. These classes should be taken in sequence. This experiential track is designed to give the emergent visionary student a basis in the intuitive and analytic facets of the work.

The Certification Track is a focused, in depth training sequence which core consists of intensive tutorial coaching. The components of the program are the 7 craniosacral classes, 7 advanced content classes, 14 professional sessions, and 70 completed Milne Institute ‘Client Records’ (submitted to a MI Supervisor never more than ten at a time) and 70 completed Milne Institute ’Sign-Off Forms’ also sent to a MI Supervisor (never more than 10 at a time) Visionary Craniosacral Work® sessions.

Supervision of Client Records

Ideally, each student completes 10 Client Records (CRs) after each 4-day class, practicing the techniques they learned in that class. The student also gives an additional 10 Visionary Craniosacral Work® (VCSW®) sessions which they ‘sign off’ on the appropriate MI form, called the ‘Sign Off Sheet.’ (Both the CRs and the Sign Off Sheet can be downloaded from www.milneinstitute.com, under the heading ‘Forms.’)

When two or three 4-day classes are taken in two or three weeks, this is not possible, and the student begins to give sessions when the classes are completed, ten of which they record on CRs, and ten of which they sign off on the ‘Sign Off Sheet.’ Once the student has the ten and ten, they contact the Supervisor of their choice, and make an appointment for a CR supervision.

The student then meets or has a telephone or Facetime session with their chosen Supervisor, for 60 – 90 minutes to go over the 10 CRs, and send or hand in the ‘Sign Off Sheet’ before the student’s next class. 

The supervision costs €80, or US$ 110.00

The Supervisor then signs the students Dance Card for 10 CRs & 10 VCSW® sessions. 

A student can also ask their Supervisor for a ‘Supervision-Session,’ where the 60 – 90 minutes of CR supervision is followed by a 60 to 90-minute VCSW® session. The cost depends on what each Supervisor charges for their professional sessions. The Supervisor then signs the student’s Dance Card for one Supervision and one Professional Session.

If the student is focused on becoming the most skillful practitioner they can be, then they also take part in student exchanges, and receives professional sessions from a Milne Institute graduate, after the two or three classes are completed. These are the core elements to the Certification Track, in addition to the series of seven, 4-day classes, and seven 1-day Advanced Content Classes.

To Register for a C5 or C6 Class

To register for a C5 or C6 class, a student must have had a minimum of three supervision sessions, i.e. had 30 CRs supervised, and hand in 3 ‘Sign Off’ sheets, in three separate supervisions. It is not permitted to bring 30 CRs to a Supervisor at one time. It must be 10 at a time. You cannot bring CRs that were written before the set that your Supervisor read through with you, to a later supervision.

To Register for a C7 Class

Before the C7 class, a student must have had a minimum of four supervision sessions completed, i.e. had 40 CRs supervised, and hand in 4 ‘Sign Off’ forms, in four separate supervisions. (Before graduation, a student must complete a minimum of 7 supervisions, in addition to the other requirements of the Certification Track.)

The final exam sequence includes a written exam, an oral exam, and hands-on test sessions. The recommended duration of this 762 hour training is a minimum of two years.

The teacher’s job is to find the best way to bring forth all of the student’s abilities, and to make sure that skill development is accomplished in every important area of personal growth.