CD, DVD and Book Sales

During each 4-day class there is a sales table in most VCSW® classrooms. There we have for sale CDs, DVDs and books for the relevant class level. For instance, in the C1 class we offer to sell you C1 materials, in the C2 class, C2 materials, and so on, up to an including the C7 class.

The audio-video materials are studio-quality productions of the highest quality. The CDs cover basic principles of intuition, unwinding, the dance of interaction, and guided meditations. There are two sets of DVDs for each class – one set covers all the techniques in the class, and is called the ‘Protocol DVD.’ The second covers all the PowerPoint shows in a specific class (such as the C1 class), and is called the ‘Anatomy DVD.’ Almost all of the products that are available in English, are also available in English with German translation. We are proud of how the materials came out. Over and over again we hear from students what a great support they are in studying and understanding the craniosacral system, and working with dreambody.

During class time, all sales are cash only, all sales are final, and they are 50% off list price. We no longer take credit or debit cards, so as a student you might want to have some cash in hand, just in case you wish to buy one of these educational or meditation practice products…..


hol_smThe Heart of Listening, by Hugh Milne, 511 pages, was first published in 1995. It is now in its fourth reprint.

This is the textbook for the Visionary Craniosacral Work® program, and required reading for all 7 VCSW® classes.

It is available in hardback, or in a two-volume softback edition, designed for easier portability. The content of the hardback and the softback editions is identical.

The book was translated into the German in 1998, and into French in 2010 .

Domestic Sales (Available for purchase in class only)

  • The Heart of Listening, Hardback
  • The Heart of Listening, Vol. 1 & 2 Softback
  • The Heart of Listening, Vol. 1 Softback
  • The Heart of Listening, Vol. 2 Softback
  • The Heart of Listening, mp3CD

International Sales (Available for purchase in class only)

  • The Heart of Listening, Hardback
  • The Heart of Listening, Vol. 1 & 2 Softback
  • The Heart of Listening, Vol. 1 Softback
  • The Heart of Listening, Vol. 2 Softback
  • The Heart of Listening, mp3CD


CDs (all CDs are available for purchase in class only)

Bone Energetics
This two CD set covers the subject of bone energetics. It is a valuable introduction to the concepts of biological mysticism and dreambody. 118 minutes. Written and narrated by Hugh Milne.

On Intuition
In this CD Hugh Milne gives an overview of instinct, covert awareness, intuition and psychometry as they relate to VCSW practice. 70 minutes.

The Four Chambered Heart
In this CD, Hugh Milne guides us through a visualization of the energetic properties of each of the four chambers of the human heart, and the importance of the heart in healing. 60 minutes.

The Circulation of the Light
This is a companion guided-meditation CD to the Four Chambered Heart. It focuses on the ability to gain mastery over moving chi through the body. This ability is a foundational practice to being able to just be, to sit still, and to do nothing. 60 minutes.

Cranial Joints and Sutures
A guided meditation through the bony cranial field. It includes a description of every major and meaningful suture and joint in the human head, its classification, and architecture. A good, challenging study tool for C1 (and above) students, that helps bring on the student's 3-dimensional visioning of internal structures.

Soul Centers
A CD which guides the listener through the nine soul-centers of Sufi cosmology. It touches upon the energetics, anatomical locations, and deeper therapeutic meaning of each center, and explains to the listener the importance of understanding the power of these centers in VCSW. Particularly useful for the C6 class. This CD is quite accessible to beginners who have no anatomical knowledge.

There is a little wind that flows through the human body. The Navajo call it 'The Wind's Child.' After a physical, emotional or spiritual trauma, the easy flow of this wind may be disturbed. Unwinding is one of the most effective tools in the craniosacral practitioner's 'toolbag' with which to address the results of trauma. This CD talks you through the 8 steps of the skilfull unwinding process, and discusses content, potency, the archaic wound, COEX, and the insights of Chuang Tzu, C.G. Jung, and Marion Woodman.

The Dance of Interaction
The Dance of Interaction is a 120-minute dedescription of some of the ways in which a VCSW practitioner responds to a client's needs.

In this two-CD set, Hugh talks you through more than 40 different topics, as a summation of the techniques and interactions that are taught in the seven core classes in the MII training program. This is an invaluable study tool for existing students, one that potential students of the visionary path may also find accessible, and informative

Cranial 1 Class Protocol
this CD is available only to graduates of the Cranial 1 class . For purchase in class only

Cranial 3: Windows to the Sky
this CD is available only to graduates of the Cranial 3 class

In ancient Chinese medicine, the trunk of the body is the earth, the head is sky, and the neck the window to the sky. Some of the acupuncture points on the neck have a particular poignancy for craniosacral work. They are called the 'Windows to the Sky.' These points facilitate the transition from the superficial to the profound. They are also useful in creating a space for insight. This CD talks you through the 11 points used in Milne Insitute's C3 class -- including indications, the concept of 'asking for windows work,' contra-indications, poetic names, symptoms, and energetics.

We offer for sale during class time a limited selection of Books, Cds, and Dvds for studets registered in that class. We do not permit the purchase of specific class material until the student has completed that class, e.g. a student cannot purchase the C3 Protocol Dvd until the student has completed the C3 Class, and so forth.

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