Adam Silverberg

Adam Silverberg is an enthusiastic and passionate bodywork therapist and teacher. He has been interested in nature and biology since childhood, and enjoyed a career as a veterinary technician and post-surgical rehabilitator. Adam graduated from the University of Florida in Gainesville in 1993. He completed the Florida School of Massage certification program in 1999 and their Teacher Certification program in 2000. He immersed himself in the community there, served as a Lead Instructor in Anatomy & Physiology, Swedish Massage & Foundations of Bodywork, Therapeutic Communication, and was Academic Dean. Adam began studying and assisting with Hugh Milne in 1999 for VCSW certification in 2003. Adam understands the importance of our being ourselves, and he emphasizes authenticity in this profound style of working together. The energetic and spiritual dimensions benefit greatly by grounding in the physical; this is where we are experiencing today and examining ourselves. Adam keeps the door open to humor and laughter while honoring the depth of bodywork and interpersonal connections. Being at home with his two young sons and loving wife has deepened his love for curiosity, exploration, compassion, and fun. He enjoys family life, being outdoors, and caring for animals as a state licensed wildlife rehabilitator. His private bodywork practice is focused on helping people learn about their bodies and ways to work toward their own health improvement goals. Adam brings so much valuable experience to the classroom. He will help you tune in, listen to yourself and your clients, and sharpen your technical and practical skills.