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Tuscany Schedule


Class Teacher Location From To Organizer Organizer Email
C1 Hugh Milne Tuscany, IT 9/7/17 9/10/17 The Milne Institute
C1 Advanced Content Class MII Teacher Tuscany, IT 9/14/17 The Milne Institute
C2 Hugh Milne Tuscany, IT 9/15/17 9/18/17 The Milne Institute
C2 Advanced Content Class MII Teacher Tuscany, IT 9/22/17 The Milne Institute
C3 Hugh Milne Tuscany, IT 9/23/17 9/26/17 The Milne Institute
C4 Advanced Content Class MII Teacher Tuscany, IT 10/11/17 The Milne Institute
C5 Hugh Milne Tuscany, IT 10/12/17 10/15/17 The Milne Institute
C5 Advanced Content Class MII Teacher Tuscany, IT 10/19/17 The Milne Institute
C6 Hugh Milne Tuscany, IT 10/20/17 10/23/17 The Milne Institute
C6 Advanced Content Class MII Teacher Tuscany, IT 10/27/17 The Milne Institute
C7 *Must be on Certification Track Hugh Milne Tuscany, IT 10/28/17 10/31/17 The Milne Institute
C7 Advanced Content Class & Exam Prep* Hugh Milne Tuscany, IT 11/01/17 The Milne Institute
Final Exam* Hugh Milne Tuscany, IT 11/02/17 The Milne Institute

Tuscany, Italy 2017

C1 through C7 and Review Classes on a residential basis at La Ginestra, a villa in Tuscany, Italy. 2017.
It is a requirement to be on Certification Track to register for the C7.
We are a minimum two year program.

Class size is limited to 22 students.

Cost, Shared Room: The cost for each four day class includes five nights shared accommodation, three organic meals a day, tea or coffee, mineral water, and wine with dinner, is €775. The cost of the final examination sequence (a two day class sequence of the C7Review class/Exam Prep and the Exam itself) includes two nights shared accommodation, beginning with dinner the evening before the C7R and ending with lunch at 13:00 (1:00 pm) on the day of the exam, is €490. The cost of the hands of technical exam session and hands on intutitve exam session is €150 each and is to be paid directly to the teacher. The cost of each review day is €175 and includes dinner and check in the night before review day, and breakfast and lunch the day of.

Timing: Meals and accommodation for each class begins with dinner at 19:30 (7:30pm) the evening before class, and concludes with breakfast at 10:00 on the morning after class ends. Students may check into their rooms at 16:00 (4:00pm). Room check out is 10:00 (10:00am).

Registration for all classes and the examination sequence must be completed by June 01, 2017. All funds and financial transaction for the classes are quoted here in euros, and will be charged to other currencies at the international exchange rate applicable on the day of your class registration. MII cannot be held responsible for fluctuations in the international exchange rates.