This four-day workshop explores human prenatal development and how the shaping of the body expresses essential attributes of human spiritual development. The scientific method of phenomenology is used to create a synthesis between modern orthodox embryology and a holistic view of the human being. Approached in this way, the human embryo reveals who we are and what we are meant to be.

What is it about? Starting with the great themes of being born and dying, of conception and the ‘beginning of life’, the human embryonic development during the first weeks will be followed by means of images, stories, lectures and reflections. Hereby the human embryo is considered to be a incarnating human being, that exhibits human behavior in gestures of growth and metamorphosis from the first moment of conception on. The (scientific) methodology applied in this approach is the so-called phenomenology. For this approach it is more or less essential to come into touch with the embryo rather than to look at or think about it with the detached attitude of the scientific onlooker. To feel with, to get in touch with the wonder, so to say, by the way of your heart feeling, without ‘loosing your head’! Because facts and biological data have to remain the base of a scientific approach. There will be searched for sense and meaning of the ‘sign-language’ that speaks from the dynamics and gestures of growth and development in the human embryo: WHAT are we in fact DOING when we (still) are an embryo?

Practitioners have found that comprehending embryological forces supports a holistic and biodynamic approach to healthcare because the same forces that formed the body are continuously at work throughout life, carrying the blueprint of health into manifestation.

Whereas the embryo has a lot to tell (‘to the wise’) about the ‘true’ sense of our being human. The organizers of the course want to inform interested people – in addition to the view and scope of regular medical biology – about the human embryo and want to do so from a point of view that leaves room for more spiritual aspects of being human and incarnation.